High Definition BNC Connectors


The Shadow ™ in the trade name for the best high definition BNC connector available at any price Shadow™ BNC connectors fit all standard broadcast cables and utilize most standard existing tooling. These connectors are made from precision machined brass. Insulator material is high density TFE to maintain a perfect dielectric constant. Bomar connectors utilize a .042 diameter gold plated contact pin to maintain the best return loss in high definition applications.
The Shadow™ is precision machined (not die-cast) from brass. A special black nickel plating is applied for a beautiful finish that is easily identifiable as a high definition connector. Each connector is precision matched to a specific cable type.
Uses standard commercial tooling.

 Part Number


Hex Crimp Tool

















       .213 ferrule only*


 12 Point Tool 

      .042 (pin only)

* We recommend 12 point tool  for .042 pin       Bomar  BD17900 (See Below)

 Other cable sizes are available by special order.


high definition BNC


               BD17900 crimp tool for all HD (.042 pin)

In an independent test The Shadow™ proved to have the best return loss results at 3GHz.

Freq in GHz

  Return Loss    

(No Cable)

  Return Loss      (No Cable)

 Return Loss   (No Cable)

Return Loss    (No Cable)

Return Loss    (No Cable)

xxx Bomar K-Brand A-Brand AM-Brand T-Brand
2.0 - 29.4 dB - 22.6 dB  - 23.3 dB  - 44.8 dB  - 21.4 dB
2.6  - 26.6 dB  - 20.3 dB  - 20.9 dB  - 22.3 dB  - 20.2 dB
3.0 - 23.1 dB - 18.0 dB  - 17.4 dB - 20.0 dB  - 19.0 dB
Bomar P/N HBC1694A HP8648C, Slotted Line (Connector Only Used For True Results.)


Once cable is applied . . .

-37dB return loss


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