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Serial Digital BNC Connectors
Bomar’s true 75 ohm BNC connectors fit all standard broadcast cables and utilize standard existing tooling. Made from precision machined brass, these rugged connectors maintain excellent return loss in analog and serial digital applications. 50 Ohm versions also available. Precision matched for each cable. The SBC number identifies the cable manufacturer’s part number. An easy choice. RoHS compliant

Part Number


Tool PN

 SBC1164B  1164B   BDHD200
 SBC1167B  1167B  BDHD200
 SBC1407B  1407B  BDHD100


 SBC1505A  1505A  BDHD100
 SBC1506A  1506A  BDHD100
 SBC1520A  1520A  BDHD200
 SBC1694A  1694A  BDHD100
 SBC1695A  1695A  BD10410
 SBC1855A  1855A  BDHD200
 SBC1865A  1865A  BDHD200








 SBC7538  7538  BDHD100







serial digital BNC

Connectors for many other cable part numbers available. Contact Bomar or your distributor.


broadcast distributors

Part Number


Tool PN

 SBC82108  82108  BDHD100
 SBC8218  8218  BDHD200
 SBC82259  82259  BDHD100
 SBC8215  8215  BDHD100
 SBC8241  8241(A)  BDHD100
 SBC8279  8279(A)  BDHD100
 SBC8281  8281(B),(F)  BDHD100
 SBC83264  83264  BDHD100
 SBC88281  88281  BDHD100
 SBC89108  89108  BDHD100
 SBC89259  89259  BDHD100
 SBC9141  9141  BDHD100
 SBC9165  9165  BDHD100
 SBC9209  9209  BDHD100
 SBC9221  9221  BD11016
 SBC9231  9231  BDHD100
 SBC9248  9248  BDHD100
 SBC9259  9259, 9659  BDHD100

                   BNC crimp tool

BNC Removal Tool

Part Number

Die Size

 BDHD100   .324, .255, .068, .042
 BDHD200   .255, .213, .178, 100, .068, .042

             Crimp tool for most Serial Digital and HD BNC Plugs *


  * See chart for Serial Digital BNC above

                      * See Chart for High Definition BNC below

Ask for P/N BD44008

 Bomar's new BNC removal tool allows easy removal of BNC  connectors in dense patch panel applications.

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RCA Crimp Connectors

This new Broadcast Grade crimp RCA plug will crimp onto standard RG 6 and RG 59 style coaxial cables and the new mini-RG59 type. The introduction of this series will compliment the Bomar SBC series 75 ohm connectors which are supplied to the broadcast systems integration.

  Part  No.  


   Hex Crimp


  RBC1505A   RCA crimp for 1505A cable


  RBC1694A   RCA crimp for 1694A cable


  RBC1855A   RCA crimp for 1855A cable


RCA crimp

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High Definition BNC Connectors
The Shadow ™ in the trade name for the best high definition BNC connector available at any price Shadow™ BNC connectors fit all standard broadcast cables and utilize most standard existing tooling. These connectors are made from precision machined brass. Insulator material is high density TFE to maintain a perfect dielectric constant. Bomar connectors utilize a .042 diameter gold plated contact pin to maintain the best return loss in high definition applications.
The Shadow™ is precision machined (not die-cast) from brass. A special black nickel plating is applied for a beautiful finish that is easily identifiable as a high definition connector. Each connector is precision matched to a specific cable type.
Uses standard commercial tooling. However, Bomar die sets are available for use with KTH1000 frame. RoHS compliant

 Part Number


Hex Crimp Tool














       .213 ferrule only*


 12 Point Tool 

      .042 (pin only)

* We recommend 12 point tool  for .042 pin       Bomar  BD17900 (See Below)

 Other cable sizes are available by special order.            REQUEST QUOTE          REQUEST DRAWING






12 point crimp tool






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In an independent test The Shadow™ proved to have the best return loss results at 3GHz.

Freq in GHz

  Return Loss    

(No Cable)

  Return Loss      (No Cable)

 Return Loss   (No Cable)

Return Loss    (No Cable)

Return Loss    (No Cable)

xxx Bomar K-Brand A-Brand AM-Brand T-Brand
2.0 - 29.4 dB - 22.6 dB  - 23.3 dB  - 44.8 dB  - 21.4 dB
2.6  - 26.6 dB  - 20.3 dB  - 20.9 dB  - 22.3 dB  - 20.2 dB
3.0 - 23.1 dB - 18.0 dB  - 17.4 dB - 20.0 dB  - 19.0 dB
Bomar P/N HBC1694A HP8648C, Slotted Line (Connector Only Used For True Results.)

Once cable is applied . . .


High Density BNC Connectors
  Manufactured of precision-machined brass, this "High Density BNC" series is 51% smaller than traditional BNC devices, permitting four times the   ndensity, and 40% smaller than the DIN 1.0/2.3
  Part  No.   Fig.             Description
 HHD1505A 1  BNC Male High Density 1505A Cable 75ohm    NEW!
 HHD1694A 1  BNC Male High Density 1694A Cable 75ohm    NEW!
 HHD1855A 1  BNC Male High Density 1855A Cable 75ohm    NEW!
 HHD335A744 2  BNC Female/Female High Density Bulkhead Adapter NEW!
 BDHHD300 3  BNC High Density Removal Tool   NEW!
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High Density BNC Plug High Density BNC Removal tool
                     Fig. 1                        Fig. 2                                           Fig. 3









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Analog BNC Connectors

BNC three piece crimp connectors feature semi-captive contacts that “click” into place assuring perfect installation. Each crimp pin has a vent hole for optional soldering. Soldering is recommended for all stranded conductors 26 AWG or smaller.

Part No.


  310A205A   6, 21AWG Center Conductor 1
  310A205A18   6 CATV, 18AWG Center Conductor 1
  310A204F   58A/U, 58C/U Stranded, 141, Thin PVC 1
  310A205FS   58/U Solid Conductor 1
  310A205FV   58/U Thin-Net Plenum 2
  310A204G   59, 62, 210 1
  310A205G20   RG59 20 AWG Center Cond. 1
  310A205G23   Belden 8241 1
  310A205MV   174, 178, 196, Mini RGB Cable 3
  310A205N   179, 187 3
  310A205P   223 1
  310B205Q   Belden 8281 True 75 Ohms 1
  310A204T   59, 62, Plenum 2
  310A208W2   Mini 59, RGB Cable (26 AWG) 2
  320A204F   58A/U, 58C/U Stranded, 141, Thin PVC 4
  320A204G   59, 62, 210 4
  320A205FV   174, 178, 196, Mini RGB Cable 5


  59, 62, Plenum

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       Fig. 1


          Fig. 2
       Fig. 3




     Fig. 4
             Fig. 5




Analog N Connectors

N Series connectors are medium sized, and weatherproof. The coupling method utilizes a screw system designed for use at frequencies up to microwave. These connectors are particularly useful where precision performance is necessary such as in satellite communications, MATV, radio transmitter antenna systems and other high-tech electronic equipment. Because of the quality manufacturing tolerances these connectors ensure excellent performance throughout 0-18GHz

Part No.




 “N” Cable Plug to Fit RG8 and RG214 Cables


Two ferrules supplied: For applications with both RG8 and RG214 cables
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 N cable plug RG8 RG214


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Standard adapters are designed for analog and serial digital applications below 2 GHz. Shown below are some of the more popular types. Contact Bomar for a complete listing.
Part Number Description Fig.
 1303505   N Male to BNC Male 1
 1313505   N Male to BNC Female 2
 1323505   N Female to BNC Female 3
 132A505   N Female to Female  4
 151A505   N Right Angle Male to Female 5
 330A505   BNC Male to Male 6
 332A505   BNC F/F 50W Splice 7
 332A705   BNC F/F 75W Splice 7
 335A544   BNC F/F 50W Panel 8
 335A744   BNC F/F 75W Panel  8
 335R544   BNC F/F 50W Isolated Panel 8
 335R744   BNC F/F 75W Isolated Panel 8
 343A505   BNC F/M/F “T” Adapter 9
 345A505   BNC F/F/F “T” Adapter 10
 5313501   TNC Male to BNC Female 11
 R0811   RCA Female to N Male 12
 R0842   RCA Male to BNC Male 13
 R0844   RCA Male to BNC Female 14
 R0847   RCA Male to F Male 15
 R0849   RCA Male to F Female 16
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N male to BNC male Nmale to BNC female N female to BNC female
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3
N female to N female N right angle BNC mal to male splice
Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6
BNC F/F 50W Splice BNC Female female Panel BNC F/M/F “T” Adapter
Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 9
 BNC F/F/F “T” Adapter TNC Male to BNC Female RCA Female to N Male
Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 12
RCA Male to BNC Male RCA Male to F Male  RCA Male to F Male
Fig. 13 Fig. 14 Fig. 15
RCA Male to F Female
Fig. 16
Adapter Kits                                                 
ADPT1 is a (30) piece kit containing 2 each males and females of: BNC, TNC, N, Mini-UHF, UHF, SMA and 6 universal adapters. Materials: machined brass, nickel plated bodies, Gold plated contacts. (Commercial grade)
ADPT2 is a (40) piece kit containing 2 each males and females of: BNC, TNC, N, Mini-UHF, UHF, SMA, F, RCA and 8 universal adapters.                                                   Materials: machined brass, gold plated bodies. Gold plated contacts. (Broadcast grade rated)
ADPT3PA (Power Kit)   is a (8) piece kit containing 7/16 to N,  N to N and 7/16 to 7/16 adapters.                                                     Materials: machined brass, Tri- Plated bodies, Gold plated contacts
ADPT4 RP (Antenna Kit)  is a (42) piece kit containing (2) males and (2) females of N, BNC, UHF, TNC, TNC-RT, (Reverse Thread),  TNC-RP-(Reverse Polarity), SMA, and SMA-RP (Reverse Polarity) and 8 universal adapters.                                                      Materials : machined brass, nickel plated bodies, Gold plated contacts


                 ADPT2       /      ADPT1             ADPT3PA              ADPT4RP
(Kits are in zippered leather cases and contain enough parts for hundreds of combinations of adapters.)









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The First BNC/Female / Female Isolated Panel Connector Rated for High Definition
This BNC connector was designed from the contact up to meet the rigid standards for HDTV. Bomar is the first to develop a panel connector of this type to perform as well at frequencies from 100MHz to 3 GHz. It is panel isolated and has a black nickel plated threaded bushing and flange. This attractive black metal flange identifies the connector as one of the Shadow ™ HBC series HD connectors. Ask for HBC335R744.
high definition BNC adapter

Part No.



 BNC F/F HD Isolated 75W Panel Feed thru
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BNC Precision 75 Ohm Terminator .1% Tolerance 
Features and Specifications
Precision 0.1% Terminator
Rated for HD Test Applications
True 75 Ohm Impedance
Internal construction designed to perform in HDTV and broadband frequencies.
All precision machined brass body with, gold pin, PTFE insulator and heavy bright nickel plating on the body.


Part No.



 BNC F/F HD Isolated 75W Panel Feed thru

BNC precision terminator

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Standard 5% tolerance 50 ohm and 75 ohm terminators also available. Ask for 310X054 (50 ohm) and 310X075. (75 ohm)

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The new patented EZ-RJ45™ connector simplifies installation by allowing the pairs to be inserted through the connector. There is no difficult to handle liner or wire bar to deal with. Inspection of the correct conductor order is done before crimping so no connector is wasted because if incorrect wiring. The conductors are able to be pulled forward so the pairs are very close to the contacts. This method allows the integrity of the pairs to maintain Category Five, and even enhanced Category 5 and Category 6 capabilities. (50 u in. gold)
The EZ-RJ12™ and both EZ-RJ45™ can be crimped with most any standard tool, then trimmed with a cutter or small utility knife. However, the new BD45000 crimp tool crimps and trims the exposed conductors in one operation. The vertical action of the tool makes a uniform and positive crimp.



   6P6C EZ-RJ12 Plug RJ12

   8P8C EZ-RJ45 Category 5 Plug RJ45

   8P8C EZ-RJ45 Category 6 Plug   NEW RJ45

  8P8C EZ-RJ45 Shielded Category 6 Plug   NEW RJ45


   Crimp and Trim Tool for EZ RJ12, EZ RJ45 Cat 5 & 6 ----


  Replacement Blades ( 2 per Pkg ) for BD45000 Tool ----


  Cable Boot with Strain Relief ( Required for Cat 6  ) ----


  Cable Boot SNAGLESS  Cat 5 (color: clear) NEW ----


   Cable Boot SNAGLESS Cat 6 (color: clear) NEW ----





   Video Demo                                                                                        

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  BD45000 Crimp & Trim Tool

  EZ-RJ45 Cat 6    Shielded with SNAGLESS Boot       

CXB500/600   Snagless Boot