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                                                                                          V-Bite 4GHz  "BNC" Connector

This unique edge mount rf connector ensures the integrity of video and data in the broadest spectrum of HDTV, MATV, CCTV and GPS applications. This new version was developed to meet the larger bandwidth applications that are now being developed in the industry

The V-Bite ™ is also available in BNC, TNC, F, Twin BNC and N styles, and mounts centered on PCBs to minimize footprint and profile. By snapping and locking into place above and below the  board, it provides the utmost in anti-rotation abilities.
4GHz BNC Bomar's V-Bite ™ is manufactured of machined brass and features a straight-through contact design to eliminate reflection factor and provide an optimum VSWR of 1.05:1

V-Bite Demo


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