Specifications for Twinax


TWINAX series connectors are weatherproof, physically robust, having twin contacts and a threaded coupling mechanism. TWINAX connectors have an independent key and key-way to ensure the correct contact alignment before mating. They have a nominal impedance of 100 ohms and are matched to twinaxial data transmission cables. These connectors are available in standard V-groove compression clamp style which allow a metal to metal contact of the shield resulting in greater strength and superior electrical performance. Crimp versions are available as well. Because of the superior shielding characteristics of the TWINAX connectors and matching cables, they are particularly suitable for use in balanced low level and high sensitivity circuits as in data transmission applications especially on the older IBM 34, 36, 38 and the AS400 systems, as well as current TWINAX applications.


Connector Parts Material
  Connector Body and Parts   Brass
  Male Contact Pin   Brass
  Outer Contact   Brass
  Socket Contact   Phosphor Bronze
  Crimp Ferrule (Where Uses)   Annealed Copper
  Insulator Material   Rexolite
  Rubber Gaskets   Silicone Rubber
  Plating   Nickel


Requirement Performance
  Impedance  1 00 W
  Frequency Range   0-500 MHz
  VSWR   1.30 Max.
  Test Voltage (At Sea Level)   500V rms
  Working Voltage (At Sea Level)   500V rms
  Insulation Resistance  5 000 Meg. Min.
  Contact Resistance   2 Milliohm Max.
Requirement Performance
  Durability   500 Insertions & Extractions Min.
  Shock   50 G
  Vibration   20 G from 80-2000 Hz
  Cable Retention (Cable Types)   75 lbs. Minimum (RG108/U)
  Coupling Nut   75 lbs. Minimum
  Temperature Range   Noryl: -40 to +85 C


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                                  Twinax Connectors


Plugs and Jacks
Standard Twinax plugs are IBM style compression, or clamp method attachable. The pins, which are one gold and one silver for external identification, are designed for crimping but also contain a vent hole to facilitate soldering as well. The crimp version design has the crimp mechanism internal to the connector. Once assembled it has the appearance of the standard compression type. 
Part Number Description Fig. No.
  210A104R   Male Compression Type (Crimp/Solder Pins) 75
  210A906R   Male Internal Crimp Type (Crimp Solder Pins) 74
  220A106R   Female Compression Type, Crimp/Solder Pins) 76
  226A016   Female Bulkhead Front Mount Solder Jack 77
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twinax male compression twinax female compression twinax bulkhead
Fig. 75 Fig. 76 Fig. 77

Adapters & Terminators

Standard Twinax adapters are used for joining, splicing, and tapping various cable applications. These adapters are sturdy machined brass with attractive nickel plating. All contacts are gold plated for reliable mating.
twinax female female splice
Fig. 78 Fig. 79

Part Number


Fig. No.

  232A006   Female/Female Inline Splice 78
  235A022   Female/Female Bulkhead 79
  243A006   Female/Male/Female T Adapter 80
  245A006   Female/Female/Female T Adapter 81
  272A006   100 W Male Terminator 82
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twinax T
Fig. 80 Fig. 81 Fig. 82




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