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Bomar's New High Density Male Cable Connectors   

Target Broadcast and Telecom Applications

"51% Smaller Than Standard BNCs"

  Ledgewood, NJ September 7, 2012...Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc., a premier manufacturer and designer of quality connectors and accessories High Density Plugfor RF, video and broadcast transmission, announced the addition of high density Male BNC connectors to their  RF connectors. Bomar's new 75-Ohm high density BNC interconnects are 51% smaller than traditional BNC devices, permitting four times the density, and 40% smaller than the DIN 1.0/2.3.  Their small form factor allows engineers to design more connections into less space while maintaining the stringent performance and reliability characteristics required by the broadcast industry.                                                                                                                                                                          Rated for use in 3G applications, Bomar's rugged High Density BNC E-Snap interconnects are suitable for employment in an array of high bandwidth connections in a wide range of broadcast and digital video-HDTV applications as well as in video network routing and switching, and in any application in which standard BNCs connectors may be used.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The high density BNCs meet or exceed all industry mechanical, electrical and environmental standards. To further ensure the utmost in reliability,. The high density BNCs fit traditional miniature broadcast cables and boast a frequency range of 0-4 GHZ.  Parts are supplied in male versions.  For information regarding Bomar’s  High Density BNC RF connectors, visit http://bomarinterconnect.com/HighDensity.htm                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Distributor pricing for Bomar’s high definition BNC Cable connectors starts at $5.73 each in quantities of 1,000.  Delivery is from stock to 10 weeks.  Samples are available.

 About Bomar

Founded in 1990 Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc. (www.bomarinterconnect.com) is a premier global manufacturer and designer of quality connectors and accessories for RF, video, and broadcast transmission.  The Company’s significant array of standard and miniature RF connectors and modular components includes full lines of mini, twin and dual BNC, MMCX, N, RCA, SMA, SMB/SMC, TNC, SMP and F connectors.  Also offered is the Specialty Broadcast Connector (SBC and HBC) Series, together with such renowned proprietary lines as the panel-grounded X-2™ dual BNC Series, and V-Bite™ Series of edgeboard connectors.  Moreover, Bomar provides extensive custom engineering services.  Headquartered in Ledgewood, NJ, the Company markets its products through a worldwide network of representatives and stocking distributors.  To locate a distributor, visit http://bomarinterconnect.com/Distributor.html


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