Manufactured of precision-machined brass, this "High Density BNC" series is 51% smaller than traditional BNC devices, permitting four times the   ndensity, and 40% smaller than the DIN 1.0/2.3
High Density BNC   
  Part  No.   Fig.             Description
 361EHD704 1  BNC Female High Density E-Snap 75 ohm  NEW!
 HHD1505A 2  BNC Male High Density 1505A Cable 75ohm    NEW!
 HHD1694A 2  BNC Male High Density 1694A Cable 75ohm    NEW!
 HHD1855A 2  BNC Male High Density 1855A Cable 75ohm    NEW!
 HHD335A744 3  BNC Female/Female High Density Bulkhead Adapter NEW!
 BDHHD300 4  BNC High Density Removal Tool   NEW!
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High Density BNC End Launch  High Density BNC Plug 

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                               High Density BNC Removal tool