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                                                New Shielded Category 6 EZ-RJ45™ connectors and snagless boot

CATEGORY 6 EZ-RJ45™ CONNECTORS  AND SNAGLES S BOOTS   Ledgewood, NJ Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc., a premier manufacturer and designer of quality connectors and accessories for RF, video and broadcast transmission, today announced the addition of a shielded version of  Category 6 EZ-RJ45™ (P/N 300668SEZ) connector, as well as a snag-less boot (P/N CXB600EZ).  The EZ Series is comprised of connectors rated for CAT 5, and CAT 5e as well as CAT 6, and is specifically engineered to simplify twisted pair terminations.  Its simple, one-piece design has no bars or liners, and enables technicians to simply slide the wire through the connector and out the front, making it easy to visually confirm the wiring  pin out prior to crimping.  To further optimize electrical performance, the technician is able to firmly pull the connector over the cable jacket and seat it securely in the rear of the connector to minimize the distance between the wire twists and contacts.  The EZ Series accepts both solid and stranded wire for faster terminations with reduced scrap.                                                                   

**The snagless boot is available for Cat 5 and Cat 6

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