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                        Coaxial Connectors Boast Super-Tight Grip to Ensure Reliable Operation In Wide Range of Audio/Video Applications Ledgewood, NJ, July 24, 2008…Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc., a  premier manufacturer and designer of quality connectors and accessories for RF, video and broadcast transmission, today unveiled the KCC (Killer Compression Connectors) Series of all-metal connectors.  Engineered to provide system integrators with the ultimate in durable connections, these economical parts’ all-metal construction protects the internal connection of cables while ensuring incomparable cable retention.  The KCC Series is comprised of Type F, BNC, and RCA plugs, which meet or exceed the broadcast connector sector’s mechanical, electrical, and environmental standards. The robust devices’ unsurpassed cable assembly grip further facilitates superior quality video signal, resolution, color, and audio accuracy.  As such, they are ideal for employment in a variety of commercial, industrial, homeland security and consumer applications.  The KCC Series is commonly specified to connect RG59, RG6, RG6 quad shield, and mini RG59 cables in such applications as CATV, HDTV, broadband, DSS (digital satellite systems), plasma displays, projectors, security and audio installations, as well as residential structured wiring.  They are moreover highly suitable for on-site work in home theaters to link VCRs, DVDs to TVs or receivers.     

Manufactured of precision-machined brass, with heavy nickel plating, these corrosion-resistant parts feature nickel-plated, semi-captive contacts for long-lasting connections.  Their advanced shielding technology provides maximum isolation from EMI and RFI interference.  Each connector ** is shipped with six color-coded O-rings to allow easy identification when systems require multiple cables.  For more information on Bomar’s KCC Series of all-metal connectors    


** F connectors for standard RG59 and RG6 available in one color ring                                                                                          

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